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This open house was active from Feb. 25-March 13, 2022. Information on this website may no longer be current. Email us for more information.

Planning for future development of the Basalt Creek area between Tualatin and Wilsonville has been underway for about 20 years. The Basalt Creek Parkway Extension was identified for design as part of the Basalt Creek Transportation Refinement Plan. The new street will be five lanes wide with multiuse (bicycle and pedestrian) paths and street lights on both sides. The street will include a bridge spanning Tapman Creek and adjacent wetlands. A new traffic signal will also be installed where Basalt Creek Parkway connects with Boones Ferry Road. 

The street will serve 1,850 acres land designated for industrial development where up to 14,000 jobs are expected in the future. The street also increases transportation system capacity to meet freight and commuter travel needs. 

Previous open house information and details can be found at the project website